Communication and internal interaction skills

It has been found that often times a person with strong professional skills and who is a hard worker is unable to  achieve a worthy position. Even if you put a lot of effort into your work without connecting with and trusting others, it is difficult to succeed. Communication skills are an indispensable secret in today's competitive working environment. In the workplace, good communication and internal interactions are essential for success to expand customer and partner relationships and networks.

The "Interpersonal & Interaction Skills" course package is designed to help trainees overcome barriers in daily communication. In addition, its helps trainees become more proactive and confident in exchanging and communicating information with partners and customers.



Typical courses:

  • Communication skills and cooperation with colleagues
  • Persuasive presentation skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Conflict handling skills
  • Internal customer service
Target participants
  • Functional managers & leaders
  • Heads/Deputy heads of department
  • Team member or individuals
  • Understanding the nature of communication and knows how to apply the basic principles of communication to build and develop relationships
  • Applying listening skills and questioning skills to thoroughly exploit information from those who talk to you
  • Understanding how to express opinions and present ideas to  persuade others 
  • Handling common situations in communication, avoid unnecessary conflicts
  • Increasing the effectiveness of interaction in the collective
I am very impressed with the expertise and knowledge of experts as well as other services such as the space for learning, the professional support team from MCG-TG.
Ms. Nguyen Kim Dung
Ms. Nguyen Kim Dung

Deputy HR director
TH True Milk


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