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  • T-GENE series

    T-GENE series

    Our COPYRIGHT program is specifically designed for directors, HR staff who want to learn more about talent management and task delegation

    • Top-level manager/Senior manager
    • Middle-level manager
    • HR manager
  • Management training

    Management training

    The program series builds on the 5 key skills of the manager: Planning; Organizing; Staffing; Leading and Controlling.

    • Top-level manager/Senior manager
    • Middle-level manager
    • Supervisory
  • Manufacturing training

    Manufacturing training

    Giving factory managers and staffs the knowledge & skills to be compatible with the management system and the development speed of the business

    • Middle managers
    • Heads/Deputy heads of department
    • Factory specialist
  • Soft skills training

    Soft skills training

    Training soft skills are vert essential for businesses. This includes communication skills, social skills and interpersonal skills.

    • Functional managers & leaders
    • Heads/Deputy heads of department
    • Team member or individuals
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