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Leadership training program for An Phat Holdings

Stemming from the word "Nhan", taking human development as the core element, An Phat Holdings always attaches great importance to culture and knowledge, especially to the young people. With the desire to empower new leadership seeds, MCG Talent Gene is pleased to be the partner to implement the "Leadership" training program for future leaders.

An Phat Holdings is one of the leading companies operating in the field of high-tech and environmentally friendly plastic production in Southeast Asia, products are distributed worldwide. After more than 16 years of establishment and development, the Group has 11 member companies with more than 4,000 employees. With the growing speed and the growing number of personnel, An Phat Holdings desires to train a team of professional personnel and build a team of managers in the future from now on. extremely necessary. To meet that requirement, the group aspires to develop training and training programs for necessary management skills. Based on this desire, MCG Talent Gene cooperated to implement the program "Leadership skills for future leaders" for tAn Phat Holdings.

Under the guidance of experts from MCG Talent Gene with many years of experience in management, consulting for businesses, building and implementing training programs for "Young leaders", the class helped those Future leaders are aware of the responsibilities of managers as well as know how to communicate and conduct important behaviors to build prestige and soft power.

Models and tools used as a 5-function management model P.O.S.L.C help potential staff to visualize the portrait of a manager. Mr. Hiep, Hanoi Plastics company official from An Phat Holdings Group proudly shared: “I began to be assigned the responsibility of managing, re-arranging personnel and work. The knowledge and sharing of the teacher today is very useful, it will definitely apply in the coming work. ”The lecture incorporates the" 9G Enterprise Culture Model "of the An Phat people. Everyone appreciates and commits to apply the most natural and flexible way into practice.

The training program took place successfully with a happy, open and enthusiastic learning atmosphere. With the inherent ability, the willingness to learn and the young, MCG Talent Gene wishes the students of the course to become successful young leaders at An Phat Holdings.

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Practical exercises & examples extremely interesting & useful, helping learners better understand their responsibilities in human resources.
Ms. Nguyen Lan Phuong
Ms. Nguyen Lan Phuong

Reprensentative officier
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