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'Employee Performance System' training for VPBank Securities

With the need to ensure the match of the organization's common goals with the goals of each individual in the organization, VPBank Securities (VPS) cooperated with MCG Talent Gene to organize the program "Performance Evaluation System" with the participation of more than 40 trainees who are from the Board of Directors, the Head of Department and senior experts of the offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Established in 2006, VPS Securities Joint Stock Company (VPS) - formerly Securities Joint Stock Company of Vietnam Prosperity Joint Stock Commercial Bank, has become one of the largest securities companies in Vietnam with capital The charter capital was 3,500 billion VND and the total assets size was VND 10,274 billion as of June 30, 2019. VPS offers a variety of high-quality products that create added value for businesses and investors, including securities brokers, financial services, investment banking services, financial advisory & analysis

For the employees, VPS always finds long-term human resource development policies important. Especially, HR will participate in a professional and well-trained process as well as advanced training courses by Vietnamese and foreign experts. In particular, VPS needs to train management levels about KPI to ensure that the organization's common goals are connected to the goals of each individual in the organization. With this need, VPS has cooperated with MCG Talent Gene to organize the program "Performance evaluation system - KPI" with the participation of more than 40 officials from the Board of Directors, Head of departments and senior experts of the departments in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City offices.

Ms Duyen - HR Director of VPBank Securities kicked-off the program 

Trainees in HCMC participated in the class via Video Conference

With more than 10 years of experience in managing and operating at Securities Companies, Investment Funds, and having been the chief consultant and core trainer for KPI development projects, BSC's performance evaluation system- KPIs, Ms. Nguyen Nguyet Anh - Deputy Director of MCG Talent Gene designed the program and directly led the program. The class kicked off with discussion about "Purpose of employee evaluation" and how to use the evaluation results in the business. In the middle of the program, trainees are instructed on how to set KPIs and goals according to the MBO management model (Management by Objectives) including 02 methods: by goals and by job / scope of work. In each method, Ms. Nguyet Anh specified the principles, forms and practical exercises right in the classroom. Trainees are very fond of the BSC  tool that enables them to apply analysis & convert strategic vision into specific goals.

VPS traineesVPS trainees discussing in the classroom with excitement

Not only learning from the trainers, trainees can also discuss in groups, discuss with the trainer about problems and setting goals in daily work. What trainees are mostly interested in is that the discussions are from the perspective of both management and staff as well as the two-way interactive communication between trainer and trainees. Ms. Huong Hien, Head of Remuneration Policy Department, said: “Today's session is not only a general picture of how to identify KPIs but also other related issues such as creating motivation for employees, finding strengths and weaknesses of each individual and thereby identifying employees' needs. The program has much exceeded our company's expectations! ”

Trainees not only learned from the trainers but also their colleagues

Comfortable learning atmosphere  filled with laughter
The two days of training ended with a radiant and satisfied face of students and students with the knowledge gained. We believe that you can all successfully apply the tools to build KPIs system in determining the goals of your work.
Achievements after 2 days of hard work

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I am very impressed with the expertise and knowledge of experts as well as other services such as the space for learning, the professional support team from MCG-TG.
Ms. Nguyen Kim Dung
Ms. Nguyen Kim Dung

Deputy HR director
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