• 2/4/2019
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CMC in-house training: Talent Management

MCG Talent Gene is pleased to accompany CMC Technology Group in the series of advanced training for managers.ản lý.

The whole class blazed with red flag and cheered the Vietnamese football team to enter the 2018 AFF Cup championship match at  My Dinh stadium.🏆🥇

The discovery, selection and fostering of talents for the long-term development of the business has always been the top concern of business leaders.

This is not only the work of the highest level or the human resources department but also the responsibilities and benefits of all levels of management in the enterprise.

As part of the advanced training program for managers of CMC Technology Group, the "Talent Management" training course co-organized by MCG Talent Gene and CMC took place in mid-December in Hanoi.

Through this 2-day course, the trainees, who are the key staff of CMC Group, have gained useful knowledge for talent management:

✔Have an overall awareness about the management and development of talents in the organization
✔Know and practice using useful tools to identify, select and evaluate talents even when the talent management system is incomplete.
✔Understand the method of planning training and developing talents based on 70:20:10 rules

Thank you,CMC for being very enthusiastic and passionate during the class.

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The learning atmosphere is relaxed but very serious. People caring about human resources, understand the importance of personnel for businesses should participate.
Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tung
Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tung

Deputy Director
Viet Phap Construction Investment JSC.


If you have difficulty registering or have any questions related to the course, please send a request for care and support!

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