Human Resources optimization

People are the subject of all activities, so leaders and human resources need to equip themselves with the best knowledge of human resource management to optimize performance. This is also a way to help factories maintain and develop talented staff in difficult times with the least cost. Moreover, human resource optimization plays an extremely important role to keep the workload balanced and maintain a high level of performance when unexpected requests, unexpected problems occur. want or unexpected.

Typical courses:

  • HR plan according to production fluctuations
  • Coordination and interaction by Horenso
  • Delegation and work quality control
Target participants
  • Leader
  • HR manager
  • Staff
  • The "HR plan according to production fluctuations course" according to production changes helps ensure the appropriate human resources according to the production plan set out by businesses and factories.
  • The "Coordination and interaction by Horenso" course helps learners understand the principles of reporting (houkoku), communication (renraku), discusion / advice (soudan) when working in a group and gradually forming a culture. Working under Hourensou.
  • The "Delegation and work quality control"course helps students understand their roles and responsibilities as a manager, knows how to assign, monitor and control quality of work effectively.
The learning atmosphere is relaxed but very serious. People caring about human resources, understand the importance of personnel for businesses should participate.
Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tung
Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tung

Deputy Director
Viet Phap Construction Investment JSC.


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